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A Global Corporate Hegemony: Media and the War on Terror.

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In light of the Geo-political make up of the world today, Islam finds itself in a markedly different world order, than was prevalent at the time of its inception. This is the era of the modern Nation State where Colonial influences have made it difficult for the common man in accepting any religious doctrine into a political frame work. Today, sovereignty lies not with the creator, but with the created. Domination is a global threat, with certain first world countries, creating a global glass ceiling which third world countries can not seem to penetrate. It is natural, in these circumstances for dissension and conflicts to rise within the world at large.

Medium of information exchange plays a pivotal role in establishing agreements, understandings and consensus between individuals, ethnic groups, societies and nations. Therefore, if a medium of information exchange is somehow distorted, it can have potentially disastrous effects for all parties concerned. In the global arena, and in matters pertaining to our new information age, the medium of information exchange is what Noam Chomsky refers to as “Mass Media”.[1]

In this heyday of The Corporation all information exchange is also “Corporatized”. What this means is simply that Knowledge being power, any exchange of knowledge has to be done through specific processes which limit the amount of power available to any one entity in society.[2]

Chomsky goes on to explain this in the theory of the Propaganda Model which determines the format and meaning of the news that reaches the final audience. Chomsky sets forth a series of filters which news must pass through, to be “viable” news. Firstly, the news must not go against the interests of the owners of the news media. The secondly filter is that of the funding source. This filter is even more apparent in the case of news paper consortiums which cater to very specifically targeted audiences. The third filter is that of news sourcing, that is a mutual understanding between the news corporations which transmit the news to the people, and the decisions makers who are also “news makers”. A fourth filter which is markedly different from the others is that of the Flak. As the name suggests, this filter is designed to “shoot down” enemies. Enemies are characterized as those who are not satisfied with, or cast doubt upon the nature of life in general and corporate and political policies in specific. What is interesting to note here is that, rather than coming out of market analysis, which the first three filters are derived from, this particular filter is based in the corporate mentality and agenda. It is here that the true heinous nature of the corporation comes to light.

The fifth and final filter is that of Anti-Ideological stances. Any ideology of mode of thinking which endangers the power of the elite will naturally endanger the processes which maximize profit. It is for this purpose that all voices of dissension need to be “nipped in the bud”. According to Chomsky the most powerful ideology to threaten modern capitalism was communism. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union brought about by the actions of the traitorous Mikhail Gorbachev[3] the world has come into an era of Uni-polar power, and this new Super-power began a crusade of “weeding out” communists from the world. Since communism does not pose a significantly large danger to United States, a new enemy has been identified. This enemy, according to Chomsky is the rise of terrorism.[4]

Taking United States as a case study we find that .there were 1,500 daily newspapers, 11,000 magazines, 9,000 radio and 1,500 TV stations, 2,400 book publishers, and seven movie studios present in 1986 which accounted for nearly 25,000 media entities. A majority of these were small scale entities which were dependant on fifty large corporations for resources and broadcasting services. Over the years this great number of large corporations has dwindled down to what Ben Bagdikian, in his book The Media Monopoly, refers to as “The Big Five”.[5]

In this new War on Terror, the United States has spent billions upon billions of dollars to wage a war against a phantom enemy. Not surprisingly, the concept of this enemy is so vague and diffuse that it can be molded to become Usama bin Laden or Al-Qaida or The Taliban or The people of the State of Iraq, so on and so forth. Such a concept had to be sold to the public of the United States much like a commodity sold at Walmart. It had to go through a process of construction, advertisement and ultimately sold. And according to MSNBC Correspondent David Shuster, this is the exact approach that the White House took on this subject. He relates,
“It was September of 2002, just three days before the emotional one-year anniversary of 9/11 and the giant wound of the al Qaeda attack on New York was still open. The Bush administration had assembled a media strategy team known as the White House Iraq Group. It consisted of top officials, including those in the vice president’s office whose goals starting after Labor Day was to sell a war on Iraq, which had no detectable role on 9/11. On September 7, 2002, White House chief of staff Andy Card referred to the effort in an interview with The New York Times and said, “From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August.””. (Shuster, 1).

On a more academic front, The clash of civilizations is a theory presented by the eminent Professor of Harvard University, Mr. Samuel P. Huntington, which states that all conflicts of the future “will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic”, rather “the dominating source of conflict will be cultural” (Huntington, 1).

This is justified by Mr. Huntington by explaining how this trend is a process of a “Darwanian” evolution; conflicts arising due to personal egoistical passions of Rulers in ages past, to National conflicts rising during and after the end of the First and Second World War. In the days of the Cold War, these changed to Ideological conflicts, between the United States of America and the Soviet Union; the Capitalist and Communist Worlds. This pattern, according to Mr. Huntington, has led to an irresistible situation, whereby mankind has transcended both Nationalistic tendencies and Ideological drive, and in doing so, has arrived at a new phase in history where culture, religion, language and relative morality dictates human action and interaction. [6]

In this regard, it is interesting that Israel poses an exception to Mr. Huntington’s theory. Being a Jewish State, one would think there would be cultural and civilizational differences between these two nations as well. Lets look at the facts. Israel received almost 2,040,000,000 dollars from the United States in Foreign Military Financing in the year 2002 alone.

This clearly indicates that the Jewish interests are at heart of the White House at the moment. The United States had three distinct, but interlinked schemes.[7]

1. The maintenance of US Uni-polar Hegemony,
2. The eradication of all opposition either to itself or to the State of Israel, and
3. Ensuring exclusive rights and access to valuable resources in the world.

Iraq was ruled by Saddam Hussain, referred to as a dictator with ties to Al-Qaeda, and a progressive program for the creation or acquisition of Nuclear and Biological Weapons (WMD). Of course, when Iraq was invaded and the numerous bunkers, caves and pits all over the region opened up to public scrutiny, there was not even one Nuclear weapon to be found. How does this happen? How does a whole war, with thousands of Iraqi civilian casualties start on “faulty intelligence”, as Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, put it? The Answer is simple, it doesn’t.

There were three goals behind Iraq’s invasion. To remove Saddam, who was put in his position by the CIA in the first place, to remove the threat Iraq posed to the State of Israel, and to capture the vast deposits of oil within Iraq. Iraq has the greatest reserves of oil in the world, second only to those in Saudi Arabia. The capture of these assets was the primary goal of the United States in the war on Iraq. The drum of “liberating the Iraqi people from oppression” can be beaten over and over again, but it does not change the facts, and the facts are that the United States government instructed its troops to capture the oil fields of Ramala before it started any military adventures in any other part of Iraq. This fact is brought forth by Col. Abdul Henderson when he was interviewed by Micheal Moore for his documentary.[8]

There is indeed a corporate agenda at work within the media reporting on the war itself. The new concept of the “embedded reporter” might sound fancy and exciting in theory, but in practice these people only see what the army personal they accompany want them to see. They can only report that which will make the American Army sound like Heros. Maher Abdallah Ahmad of the Arab network, Al Jazeera exclaimed,

“Does anyone here know how many Iraqis were killed in the war? You make all these efforts to establish a democracy, and you don’t give a damn how many people were killed?” (Bollyn).

News channels like Fox News, owned in turn by the News Corporation are even proud of the manner in which they support the Bush Government, in spite of the fact that by International Law, the invasion of the State of Iraq was unlawful and illegal under the United Nations Charter. One must question, why does Fox news or for that matter any news network support this invasion? Why do these networks openly claim the Bush Government as their savior as in the case of Fox news, or maintain detached silence over the issue as is the case with CNN?

The answer is simple. It is because these corporations are interlinked in an effort to unleash Neo-Colonialism upon the world in the most brutal fashion mankind has yet seen. It is the forceful integration of new markets within the corporate economy. A new group of people, a new society and a new nation to exploit; this is the agenda of the modern corporation and its final destiny.

Make no mistake; we still live in the world of the 17th and 18th Century. With Empires and Kings; with plots and conspiracies. One can now see that most of the conflicts within the Middle East are not ones based on Cultural differences, nor are they of Religious import. These conflicts find their roots in the exploitation of people; the exploitation of nations. Why does Mr. Huntington want to belittle these justified outcries by calling them civilizational differences? Why does he continue to justify his Government’s Policy in the Middle East, as a reaction to Muslim faith? Why does he dub this war a crusade, when oil is what is it all about?

He does this because he has found fertile ground in the Bush Administration. He does this because the White House is more than happy to provide legitimization to his decade old theory, because it has no other form of justification for its atrocities in Iraq. So in conclusion, since it found no Weapons of Mass Destruction there. I would like to say that Mr. Huntington’s theory is in and of itself a despicable farce, a malleable euphemism which can be twisted to fit any situation. My response to him would only be;

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in thy philosophy.”
Hamlet Act I Scene V


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August 19, 2007 at 8:48 pm

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