The Rebel Road…

I know you’ve come to kill me. Shoot, coward, you’re only going to kill a man. – Ernesto Che Guevara


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Up until recently I was lost. The world didn’t make sense to me – as I’m sure it doesn’t make sense to a lot of us. That was before I came across a system of viewing the world which gave it meaning. That system was Historical Materialism – my lens, Marxism-Leninism.

The world still doesn’t make sense… but at least now I know why.

These are the works of a Marxist out to change the world.


Written by redtribution

August 19, 2007 at 7:53 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I would say that marxist ideology already HAS changed the world. The world will be cleaning up the mess it left behind every place it was tried, for a long , long time. Ronald Reagan threw that miserable failure of a socio-economic system on the ash-heap of history a long time ago.- Respectfully Yours, Ty Harris


    August 19, 2007 at 11:42 pm

  2. Mr. Harris,

    It’s sad to know that we live in a world where Imperialist Propaganda leaves us blind even to the most vivid of realities. You say that the world will be cleaning up Marxism’s messes – I say the mess your ‘glorious’ government has created of world politics by subjugating previously free nations, by preying on the weak and defenseless people of the world, by imposing its terms without a second thought, by bringing the world to the brink of a third world war etc. is without parallel in human history.

    You say that Reagan threw out the miserable failure of a socio-economic system. I say that Reagan and all those bastards, you refer to as ‘respected presidents’ of your recent history, contributed to the fall of a system that had thwarted their Imperialist designs ever since its creation. Face it – the USSR was the most painful thorn in all your collective Imperialistic sides.

    Now that it isn’t there and you are free to turn the world into your version of ‘eden’… we are all seeing the results.

    What do you know about Socio-Economic systems, Mr. Harris. Are you an expert?

    Then perhaps you would like to explain to me what happened to Argentina when it followed the Neo-Liberal model that you and your ‘American’ friends over at the white house preach so often?

    Can you?

    Of perhaps you can explain to me why Cuba still exists INSPITE of the many MANY years of economic trade sanctions you and yours have placed upon it?

    Can you?

    Oh it must hurt. It must hurt really REALLY bad to have such a puny nation stand up to the might of yours and yet thrive. Cuba is not a miracle – nor is it merely an anomaly.

    It is the result of good socialist governance.

    Even your World Bank admitted that Cuba is the model to follow for all third world nations.

    Perhaps you are more knowledgeable than even them?

    Then perhaps you shouldn’t sit home and ‘fart’ all day – as you mention in your ‘about’ pages.

    However, if you do – I must assume you are ideally suited for that purpose, perhaps?

    In any event, that is of no interest or concern to me.

    I hope this explains to you my sentiments regarding your ‘opinion’ and its relevance.

    In Solidarity,
    Mobeen Chughtai.


    August 19, 2007 at 11:59 pm

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