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Conversation with Adil regarding the role of the individual and incidents of rape in society

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Let me begin by saying that I thank you for your kind words regarding my actions and efforts – I really appreciate it.

However, Let me also put my opinion across.

It is my opinion that every individual is a part of a greater whole – that no individual is an island in and of himself. As such every individuals comes from somewhere and must return TO someplace.

LOL. No – I do not mean that in a religious sense at all. I refuse to make any metaphysical mumbo-jumbo a part of my scientific analysis – others may indulge in that if they wish.

What I mean is – every individual is part of a greater society – a greater dynamic. Whatever I have – INCLUDING my knowledge – is not just mine but is common ownership of the society.

The next question would be ‘why’?

The reason for that is very simple. Everything I own now was handed over to me at birth – even the chance that I had to study at a ‘good’ institute was not given to me by dint of any personal effort on my part (financially speaking) – it was possible for me because i was born into a rich family.

But where did my family get its riches?

The answer is simple – these riches (like ALL riches) once belonged to society but due to the creation of private property – due to the fencing up of ‘commons’ into ‘individual property’ was taken away from ‘SOCIETY’.

Therefore I believe that any and all efforts I can make to return the fruits of my study and intellectualism is not just a hobby or charity – it is my duty.

Therefore to say that my efforts are in vain – might be tactically right – but in the larger dynamic it is an incorrect statement to make.

Like a wave crashing on the rocky shore – one thinks that it has dissipated, that it has destroyed itself. But it does wear down the shore as well – just a little. And if i can make just ONE fundamentalist see reason – then I have duplicated myself ONCE.

In effect there would be two of me. A 100% return on my spent time – would you call this a bad investment? [:)]

I hope you will not mind if I express my opinions on other statements you made in your reply. I thank you for your kind indulgence in advance.

What problems do secular societies have???

It depends on which secular society one is examining. If you would like to choose one or two societies as case studies – I’m sure we could discuss the various problems they face and how they’ve made policies or such to overcome those problems.

I think you need to first go and learn about facts in the world. Muslim countries…especially Saudi Arabia, Pakistan…the african muslim countries have the highest corruption, rape, burglary etc etc…..rates in the world

Pakistan has one of the highest corruption indexes in the world. Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest human rights violaters in the world. In fact it would not be incorrect to say that Saudi Arabia funds most of the militant and fundamentalist Islamic organizations all over the world. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia does not even conform to the basic human rights as specified in the Charter of Human Rights of the United Nations.

You feel scared of walking out on the road in an ISLAMIC COUNTRY. Pakistan became unsafe for women after the 1973 constitution turned a secular republic of pakistain into an islamic republic……and then zia’s evil islamization of pakistan made it even more corrupt and unsafe for women.

One must understand WHY rape occurs.

There is a case study conducted on the increasing rates of Rape in Trinidad by Kevin Baldeosingh. I shall quote you a few lines from that study. It deals specifically on religious attitudes and the role of religion in propagating rape. Kevin writes:

In terms of the specific problem of rape, religions must bear a large part of the blame. Many commentators have quite correctly said that rape is impelled by a lack of respect for women. However, no one has suggested exactly where this lack of respect comes from. Biologically, of course, it arises from the simple fact that most men are physically stronger than most women. But, culturally, it is inarguable that the main source of contempt for women comes from religion.

Religious leaders can argue all they like about teaching respect for women and the sanctity of marriage and so on. But actions always speak far louder than words. So when the Catholic Church does not allow women to be priests, when Muslims hold that women must cover themselves from head to toe, and when Hindu fathers pay a dowry to men to marry their daughters, the message comes through loud and clear. The philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote, “Evil passions make men incapable of seeing the truth and false beliefs afford excuses for evil passions.” So Kenrick London is not as anomalous as religious leaders would like to believe.

Religion is also responsible for a culture of sexual repression and it seems clear that repression must play a large part in the rape of infants and prepubescent children. Yet, as far as I know, no one has pointed out that the three categories of rape – individual attackers, gang rape and child abuse – are different types of act whose common factor is sexual domination. But, unless these distinctions are made, there is no way that one can effectively deal with the individuals who commit these acts.

[b][i]So the rational view – that women are the social and intellectual equals of men – cannot be inculcated as long as religious values hold that women are fundamentally inferior. Therefore, as long as religion continues to exert a hold on the popular imagination, women will be viewed as legitimate targets for sexual domination.
Source: Reasons for Rape

So it is clear that the conditioning of society plays an integral part in whether rape will occur there or not.

But now the opposition will give the classical counter-argument. But why is there MORE rape in secular societies like the USA, for example.

Lets tackle this argument head-on.

Let us look at the rate of Rape in the USA.

The last report from the FBI came out in 2005 and reports that for that year the rate was 31.7. In 1986 this rate was 38.1. In 1992, it reached its peak of 42.8. However, ever since 1992 the rate of Rape in the country has steady DECREASED and in 2005, as I mentioned earlier, it is now 31.7 – a decrease of nearly 11.1.
Source: Uniform Crime Report – 2005


Lets look at Pakistan now.

The opponents have already accepted that Pakistan’s rape rate is growing.

So I ask you – whose doing the right thing then?

A muslim society?

Or a secular society?

Again, I’m not a fan of America at all. I’m a communist – only a fool would think I have any love for the US Government. All I’m saying is I am not ready to criticize them on false charges.

I challenge my opponents to show me ONE pub in Pakistan – frankly, I’ve never been to a pub – not even when I was in London. I’d like to see what it is that scares them so much that they are willing to call ‘Jihad’. Why do we want to dedicate ALL our resources at something that hasn’t even occurred yet while not paying attention to REAL problems?

Does this anti-babe-in-pub-ist ideology even make sense?

Let us be honest to ourselves and others. Only then can we truly be worthy of the future.

In Solidarity,
Mobeen Chughtai.


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September 12, 2007 at 9:16 pm

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